The FBI was kind enough to share the following tape recorded conversation between unindicted co-conspirators Grady Little and Dusty Baker:


Dusty Baker: Aw Hell Grady, Ramon Martinez went 0-fer in the leadoff spot last game. I don't think we should play that card again soon. Any other suggestions?


Grady Little: We could put Grudzie in.


Dusty Baker: No good. He's still hurt.


Grady Little: Umm. I dunno. We could try Hack Macias.


Dusty Baker: Hmmm. He's only had one hit in seven at bats this season, and I'm not sure about his D at second. Are you sure it would be a good idea.


Grady Little: Forget the numbers! He bats righty. We need that against the left handed pitching.


Dusty Baker: Yunno, Grady, Todd Walker is hitting .346 this season, and he has a .500 OBP and .333 AVG against lefties in eight at bats. Are you sure we shouldn't just go with him?


Grady Little: He's left handed.


Dusty Baker: Yeah, but he's a great hitter, and he's been setting the table well for us during this winning streak.


Grady Little: He's left handed.


Dusty Baker: Yeah, but our options for right handed second basemen are so limited that the drop off may not be worth the advantage we get in the match up.


Grady Little: He's left handed.


Dusty Baker: Yeah, I guess you are right. You sure do have a great sense of when to take someone out, and when to leave him in. I don't even know why I question you about lineup decisions.